Went in for weight loss, came out with something more

I started a dry fast Sunday night and ended it last night, I went into the experience for weight loss only, but it was more than that. When I no longer have the distractions of food and water I realize how much time l actually spend overeating, I started to see every little ad online about the new item at fast food restaurants, I began to feel disgusted by the overly processed food you see everywhere. I started to feel whole again, I felt clean, I felt like my soul was getting washed, for the first time in many years I wasn’t sad anymore, I was happy, not only happy with the progress I had been making with the dry fast itself, but happy with myself. Of course, we all need food and water, but if anyone is thinking about doing a dry fast I would strongly suggest it, it’s not only for weight loss, you will connect with yourself, you will feel better. I’m going to do a 4 day dry fast starting Monday, and I’ll try to go longer. Thank you for reading this post, bless all of you.


Great work on that! Yes. Dry fast will definitely change your habits quite a bit! So do you have a schedule in mind to reach your weightloss goals? I am on a similar journey. Happy to cheer you on.