I have complete a 36 hours dry fast

EDIT: Completed, not complete.

And I didn't even mean to to a DF, just a water fast but I said to myself: let's see how long I can go without drinking.

It was ok, not too bad. I had my last meal a 7pm Saturday and I broke this morning with 4 eggs. I had a bit of a diarrhoea scare but then it settled.

The only weird time was when I woke up this morning a 4 am and my heart was pounding, but I decided to carry on. It was all over by 6 pm.

I understand it comes easier when you don't drink. I used to do water fasts unti 2020, then with the lockdowns came depression, bing eating, anxiety, suicide thought, etc. I put 25 kg on in 3 years. I have been binge free for a month, fingers crossed.

The fact that I was able to put nothing in my mouth for 36 hours is amazing. I am planning to do this for the next weekends and then I'll take it from there.