My first 168 hr DF is over!

My previous post just in case:

~ Background & story ~ 29F, got insulin resistance, over weight, nothing else except food addiction lol, just wanna be healthy and live welk ! Done IF, extended fasting, dry fasting several times here and there.

I'm trying to do carnivore/keto, IF, fasting, dry fasting but like do meat-centerated keto, get cravings, off the wagon, get back on couple weeks later, etc. pretty much yoyo dieting I guess ? lowest is like at "goal weight +10lbs" then got 10lbs more, lose that 10 lbs, and go on and on and on

So last month, I was living like dog shit. I got sick pretty bad for couple days, suddenly had sugar/carb cravings, eat soup, chips, pop corn, fruits, candy, chocolate, pizza for over 2 weeks while doing nothing and staying in bed. Ofc got a bit depressed cuz I eat shit, do nothing ! Then I had to go to work event things for 3 days, so I got out of bed, eat normal time & social for that days. There were group dinner on last day, after the dinner, I was like, "okay event done, I should get back on trank again, also I want to show myself how much I can go further" You know? I'm kinda 0 or 1 person and also very lazy personality, I rather do extended water/dry fasting, carnivore for easy, simple, no more thinking way.

So I started it right after the dinner!

~ While Fasting ~

Day 1-3: Orignal fasting plan was, 3 days dry fasting, and 4-5 days(or more) water fasting cuz I've done that way before. Also I didn't think I was gonna post on reddit, 1-3 days are kinda blur. what I did was just stay in bed extra long. didn't have any problem to do. I think I over slept like 7 hr or more. a bit hungry & thirsty but everything was okay!

Day 4-5: I felt pretty okay?! not crazy thrist, super low energy, pain, nor headache. maybe a bit just lazy. I felt okay so I decided to do full 7 days dry fasting. I do work from home so I can lay longer and stay inside most of the time. no workout, no even extra walk, just stay inside, do normal daily job. But since day 4, I was looking for all drinks, water, tea, coffee(I don't even drink coffee) recipe, recommendation, reviews etc. mentaly it was hard... energy level is okay, only thinking about drink something. having an issue to fall a sleep but not tired on the daytime

Day 6: I went out and walk 30 mins at evening, like wanted to get cool fresh air. It felt sooo good to get air, like I almost can taste. It was like dopamine hit lol. After walk, I can feel my muscle super weak and got tired, a bit shacky even for the short walk. I normaly can walk like 3-5 hrs without issue. Another weird thing was I wanted to take a cold shower, like torture me with cold water. Let me tell you, I'm not a cold water person, I take hot/warm shower only even in summer, drink room temp water, never iced water cuz it's too cold for me. So it was literally first ever time in my life I want a cold shower. I felt super good and refreshed in cold shower. It was not icy cold, just cool water tho. I can taste sweet when I rinse my mouth, really didn't want to get out of shower. Energy level was similar but feel better since walk outside & cold shower. slept 2 hrs at night, 1 hr nap. but except that not tired or sleepy

Day 7: nothing different than day 6, but I had a lot of meetings on Day 6&7, my mouth felt extra dry / sticky. took a cold shower three times, morning, afternoon, evening after short walk. I'm addicted cold shower I feel like getting some dopamine or just want to get water lol. literally took 3 times shower today, morning, lunch, after walk. I had phone call while I was walking, omg it was hardest thing I ever did in this 7 days. 40 mins death walking& talking. I had to sit and cool down right after I got home. I was having just weak whole body, no particular pain or issue I guess tho. Energy level is normal, slept 3 hrs, no tired or sleepy. feel better than day 4-6 to be honest(except walking).

I didn't expect I do 7 days dry fasting honest, I feel awesome !!!

~ Summary here ~

29F, height 5'8" SW 157 lbs CW 144 lbs, wet/dry fasting several times

  • all 7 days, energy level was normal, a bit weak / low than average but it was nothing. no other pain, headache, tired
  • having issue to get a sleep after day 3, but not tired or sleepy on daytime !
  • I didn't workout, 30 mins walk on Day 6, 7 only !
  • I peed 2-4 times daily, and it never got dark, always looking healthy clear yellow like apple juice lvl. maybe cuz I have a lot of fat, body getting enough water from it ?? this actually make me to do longer ... lol
  • even energy level / physical condition was good / okay, I couldn't focus to work cuz all I think about is drink water / beverage, anything ! lol
  • had no food thinking tho, I like dry food cuz it kills all food cravings

~ Refeeding plan~

I'm gonna start with ice, to keep it slow. (taking it rn !!!) Eat couple ice cube(not chewing), maybe for 30 mins ish. Then drink a 2-3 cup of water snowly with electrolytes (salt, potassium, maybe ACV, maybe 1-2 magnasium tab) for couple hours til I feel hydrated. then I would just follow how I feel, rly have no plan other than this ! might do couple more days water fast before solid food. After all fasting, I will avoid all any carb for 2 weeks, I'll do meaty-keto, mostly carnivore, cheating with keto is my plan ! I hope I can cut my sugar/carb cravings finally lol

Thank u so much for support fron everyone in the sub, I wouldn't able to do without all these dryfasting fellas.