First time Dry fast, My 14 hour fast

I'm tapering FM 64 yrs young off long term prescribed Benzos also have Breast Cancer and doing the high fat Carnivore/Lion diet version of Dr T Seyfried protocol, I have done water fasting year's ago for 28 Days, but after reading this decided to try Dry fasting.

Dawn-to-dusk dry fasting induces anti-atherosclerotic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumorigenic proteome in peripheral blood mononuclear cells in subjects with metabolic syndrome

I usually glug 2 to 3 litres a day of water but was comfortable not drinking any water after taking my AM Benzo at 3am on waking I did not expect much to happen, but around 8 hours in I began to feel something happening in my body. I decided it was best to lay down and chill as I felt a bit off because balance but nothing terrible I couldn't cope with.

I was just erring on the side of caution, and surfing the net on my phone and read a book, at 9 hours just for fun I decided to weigh myself, and surprisingly I had lost 2lbs, but expected to regain it upon rehydrating later or the following day.

At 10 Hours I fell relaxed and happy like something had shifted mentally, I felt do good at the 14hr mark I felt could have easily gone on longer, probably 24 hrs. But I didn't want to push myself too hard, I already do that too often with not great results, so decided to stop rehydrate and eat.

The only mistake I made was eating my normal-sized meal, which then felt it was too much food in my guts, as my appetites dropping now I'm further into the Lion diet anyway, and I wished had gone a bit longer as after eating it was like being kicked back down to earth, the buzz I felt went away .

BUT I slept a lot better than I expected last night too, and I also realise I don't need to drink anywhere the amount of water I was glugging back and so far today the only water I have drank today13/4th/24 is a few mouthfuls take my Benzo taper dose with AND I also did not gain back the 2lb weight I lost as expected on rehydrating so far either.

This was also really interesting to me on r/SaturatedFat : Over hydrating causing hunger

I'm definitely doing dry fasting again very soon and may do it the way the researchers did it on the link I put up at the top of this post or try for 24 hrs as I need to take my crap Benzo taper dose at least once in 24 hrs as I already have shit withdrawal symptoms plus the other crap to deal with.