10 day DF 3/2024 - Obesity and Long Covid healing

This will be a thread to document the dry fast starting 3/22/24 - for up to 10 days, depending how I feel. I am dealing with long COVID symptoms for about 4 months now and need this GONE.

Previous fasting experience:
Longest water fast was 33 days, longest dry fast - 13 days. Learned all things fasting back in Russia, and dry fasting under Dr Filonov - as back in the day he was the only authority with much experience on the subject…
Really looking forward for healing results.

Last water intake - 3/21/24, 8pm.
Went into the fast without preparation as on 3-20 had an inflammatory flare up and water retention of 15 lb overnight made me jump right in.

Throughout the fast I will be tracking following biometrics:
Blood glucose
Blood ketones
Blood pressure
O2 saturation
Urine output

I am currently on hour 50 of the fast.

Days 1 and 2 were rather unremarkable.
Not much hunger or thirst yet. Body is still holding on to water. The only inconvenience is dry lips - but this is mostly due to the cold and windy weather here in KS.

Day 1 for movement I did 1 hour of physical therapy in the pool, and then about an hour walking around neighborhood looking for our pup who decided to take off.
Day 2 - barely walked. Spent a lot of time Olin bed recovering from day 1. lol.

UO on both days are plentiful, so I am not measuring it just yet - however collected smokes for color comparison. BMx3 on day 1, and nothing on Day 2. lol. TMI, I know. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I will put the stats in the replies as I can’t figure out how to format them. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That’s it for now. The most remarkable to me so far is the drop in BP as well as weight.

Fasting stats:

3/22/24 - Day1
Blood Glucose: 106
Blood Ketones: 0.1
O2 saturation: 95.6%
Blood pressure: 189/105
Pulse: 65
Temperature: 99.9
Weight (lb): 412
Urine Output: N/A

3/23 - Day 2

9 am.
Blood Glucose: 122.
Blood Ketones: 0.1
O2 saturation: 94.0%.
Blood pressure: 135/81
Pulse: 81
Temperature: 99.8.
Weight (lb): 402.5.
Urine Output: N/A.

9 pm
Blood Glucose: 89
Blood Ketones: 0.5
O2 saturation: 94.5
Blood pressure: 121/81
Pulse: 61
Temperature: 98.3
Weight (lb): 399.6
Urine Output: N/A

3/24 ~ SUN ~ Day 3

9 am.
Blood Glucose: 146
Blood Ketones: 0.7
O2 saturation: 96.0%
Blood pressure: 112/79
Pulse: 80
Temperature: 99.0
Weight (lb): 396.3
Urine Output: N/A

Blood Glucose: 89
Blood Ketones: 0.5
O2 saturation: 96.5%
Blood pressure: 129/85
Pulse: 62
Temperature: 98.7
Weight (lb): 393.3
Urine Output: N/A


Weakness, joint pain and headache probably due to first acidotic crisis - but for only about 2 hours. Took a long nap in early afternoon and it all passed. No real thirst just yet. Taste in the month is beginning to turn for the worse, especially in the morning.

Last night I did a castor oil compress on the abdominal overnight, and in the morning liver purged out. Nothing remarkable, just some brown jellies-like semi-solids with lots of yellow bile.

Not measuring the urine output yet as it’s very plentiful. :joy:

3/25 ~ MON Day 4
10 am. 10 pm.
Blood Glucose: 102 85
Blood Ketones: 0.9 0.7
O2 saturation: 97.5% 97%
Blood pressure: 124/91 117/65
Pulse: 75 77
Temperature: 98.5 98.7
Weight (lb): 391.3 388.8
Urine Output: N/A N/A

10 pm.
Blood Glucose: 85
Blood Ketones: 0.7
O2 saturation: 97%
Blood pressure: 117/65
Pulse: 77
Temperature: 98.7
Weight (lb): 388.8
Urine Output:N/A


Didn’t sleep too well - woke up several times during the night - very unusual for me.

In the morning Energy through the roof. I love that post an idiotic crisis “high”. :joy:
Got stranded in the 27F weather in a dead car - not a pleasant experience. No gloves or hat, and the 40 mph winds dried it skin in the face and just about gave my hands a frost bite. lol

In the afternoon had a PT session in the pool (kept my mouth timely closed) and to my surprise was able to workout harder than before the fast. Pool temp is 96F so I’m pretty sure I was sweating cause the skin land lips were very salty.

After that for few hours was very lightheaded - I think due to electrolytes imbalance after sweating for an hour. Next session I will take it easier.
After laying down for 2-3 hours the lightheadedness passed.

I am beginning to fill pulls and aches in my liver. - it’s to be expected as it’s in the process of cleansing.

It’s 12:30am, and now I am exhausted and heading to bed.

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This information is so interesting, your blood pressure dropped and normalised so quickly! Not sure how the rest of the fast went. I hope that you felt awesome after.