I've had an unhealthy obsession with wanting to do a 40 day water fast for so long

I completed day 3 just now and decided screw this. I went for a 8 mile walk earlier. My legs have been BURNING all night and I haven't been able to sleep at all.

This happened to me a while back when I did a 10 day water fast too.

2 months ago, I did a 4 day dry fast and I felt amazing. I was walking 8-10 miles everyday and slept great.

Idk why I wanted to do a 40 day water fast. Vanity/Ego I guess.

But I realized carnivore + dryfasting is much better for my goals and health. Will probably do 3 days Dryfast + 4 days OMAD carnivore for a few weeks.

40 is the number of testing so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want to do one and it falls well short of the 75 days that’s known to be possible for a water fast. At age 40, I too had a goal of 40 on my first water fast but under pressure from my family and a doctor I stopped at 20. I did get to 40 with practice though. I should mention that even back then I was 100 pounds overweight. When I discovered dry fast, I found I was able to add 2 days each consecutive dry fast and now I’m 55 and able to do 12 days dry. I’m here to tackle the refeeding process which is something I still struggle with. But fasting is worth a little discomfort and to paraphrase Dr Villanov. If a person know why and what to expect they can endure anything. Thats why he wrote his book.

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