Got Hit By Sudden Insomnia

Was doing IF Dry Fasting about my 4th day on it. Broke the fast with a little coffee and french fries but the insomnia persisted. I am sure coffee had something to do with it but it feels way too intense to be just caffeine itself. Is like my mind has become way too awake all of sudden. Previously, I was able to fall asleep before midnight, today I lied in bed until 6am & only got 4 hrs of sleep.

It's a bit of a stressor as it keeps me worrying up at night wondering if the restlessness is gonna make me lose all the benefits of the fast. Mainly my skin, looks more pale and dry when I wake up & doesn't feel like I am making any progress in that area.

Should I just endure and take this as a good sign that my body is healing?

It’s high cortisol. You can endure as long as your heart rate is below 120 at rest