I’m on day 5 of my 9-11 day dry fast

Doing this for chronic health issues. I am noticing most of the pain and discomfort is in my head, specifically my ears and Eustachian tubes, as well as the roof of my mouth feels sore. I’m curious if anyone else has these same

Symtoms and if they have completed
The full 9-11 days and how has affected them overall.

Also I woke up on the 4th night feeling like I was dying of thirst, the only cure was to go outside, so actually set up my tent outside and was able to sleep much better and the thirst went away a little bit, just a tip for anyone else who might deal with the same problem.

Thirdly. Has anyone tried using epsom salt in a bath during their dry fast and or know what the benefits/harm this would do

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