Microdosing, Intermittent Fasting, and Caffeine, Oh MY!

Ok, my ultimate goal is to get to dry fasting but am not there yet. Currently I’m doing 36 hour water fasts with 12 hour eating windows (I also drink tea during the fasts). It worked well until I introduced mushrooms to the mix. I was drinking yerba mate during my fasting window b/c it knocked out my hunger completely. I recently added in the mushrooms (.1g) hoping to generate some focus + creativity + tamp down my ADD symptoms. Since adding in the micro-dose of shrooms, I am HUNGRY AF and have noticed a BIG increase in anxiety. Is the issue the mushrooms? Do shrooms not play well with caffeine? Perhaps it’s the combination of shrooms and caffeine. I’d really like to stay on this 36 hour fast cycle b/c I feel amazing on it. Would love any insights from more experienced fasters. Thank you!

I find that you need to pick caffeine or mushrooms if you’re going to ‘dirty’ dry fast in the first days - I’ve experienced similar things. It’s sort of a choice between rest and relax vs being more efficient. The caffeine cortisol spike may help you get a little more out of ketosis, but it definitely stops the full rest and healing mode that shrooms would help enhance.


This is helpful. Thank you. Going to try the shrooms without the caffeine tomorrow and see how I feel. Do you mind sharing with me your preferred dose?

Not sure i’m still experimenting with different doses and settings - how did removing caffeine go?

Thanks for the consult! I will be re-introducing the mushrooms and try working through it. Appreciate your time and expertise.

What kind of caffeine are you taking? I used to “dirty dry fast” with a 100mg extended-release caffeine pill, and I really liked the effect of that.