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Hey guys. I’m trying to dry fast for weightloss mostly, but i would be more motivated to stick to it if i knew 100% that my skin would heal up if i stayed the course…I got some acne scars on my face from a bad period of acne 7 years ago…And would like to know if anyone here have dry fasted 3+ days and noticed improvement on their face? I’ve seen some claim that they ended up with babyface skin having cleared it all out, but is this true? I know dryfasting will heal but isn’t this only if we can actually manage to dry fast for 5+ days? When does healing crisis begin?

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Try fasting is probably the most powerful skin rejuvenating technique you have. However, if you overfast or do it incorrectly, get two dehydrated and don’t fix nutritional deficiencies. Your body won’t have the necessary tools and building blocks to rebuild your skin. First thing that comes to mind is make sure that you’re eating a good whole food diet and stay away from processed food processed oils. That’s number one but you also need to make sure that you have adequate osmolyte and the most important osama light is glycine. Look into my osmolite protocol and take it from there. Another thing, if you’re dealing with skin issues, there’s a few different hacks that you can use, but coconut oil is one of the most important things and believe it or not mixing in some ivermectin is sort of a secret hack that not enough people know about.

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Organic 100% grass fed beef tallow is also an amazing healing fat base for lotion type applications. Does wonders for skin.

nice! I hear good things about it

Check out Rob Stuart on instagram for skin health and Gin Amber Beauty on youtube for scars <3 Rob’s philosophy is very much in the spirit of this website, although he is not suggesting dry fasting.