Regular 24hr to 3 day dry fasts over a few years

Does anyone know if regular shorter dry fasts over a few years can heal skin issues? My legs have carried color all over them. This used to not be the case. I have cleaned up my diet, cut all processed food, dairy, caffeine, alchohol etc out. I eat mostly meat now with occasional veg. I wondering if regular dry fasting will help my skin become more of a uniform color and smoother over time. It’s just discoloration, doesn’t appear to be psoriasis or the skin eczema. I have read it can be caused by gut damage or liver damage.


Firstly, I am glad to see you’re taking charge of your health.

Skin tags - I had skin tags on my left arm that I easily removed by dry fasting for 7 days straight.

Micropores - As we get older micropores develop in our gut that can lead to sepsis. August Dunning mentions (The Phoenix Protocol) stem cells can repair micropores by dry fasting for 7 days, once a year according to his writings.

I believe we sometimes take dry fasting too far because we want immediate results. My advice is to ease in and out a dry fast and take note of changes during the days you fast e.g., bpm, O2, blood pressure, fatigue and most certainly if anything seems amiss end the fast.

Disclaimer: You’ll need to find the sweet spot that works best for you meaning build up by easing in and out of a dry fast if 7 days seems impossible to reach. Some people bull through a 7 day dry fast and others take weeks to reach and complete a 7 day dry fast.