Dry fasting underweight?

Hi! I am a 28 year old female. I weigh 105lbs height is 5’4

I have a lot of colonization/hidden infection stuff going on in my body. It’s caused a lot of inflammation and disease that seems to be progressing. I know that Dry fasting is the best way to cure and I desperately want to use this modality however, I’m unsure how long I am able to dry fast and it still be safe.

I have done a 3 day dry fast being the longest. I feel like everytime I dry fast I lose more weight that I can’t put back on… or so it seems? It may also just be progression of disease in my body. I’m having. A hard time putting on weight. Wondering if I’m still going to be able to use dry fasting as a tool? Thanks!

Congratulations, in my book you’ve scaled Mt. Annapurna by completing a 3 day dry fast. You released a critical stage of stem cells to begin much needed repairs which are MUSE AT stem (into the millions) cells on the 3rd day as they go into rapid expansion. Your immune system was activated during this time to remove senescent aging cells as well.

You may already know this (and forgive me if I am remedial) but the whole point of dry fast (at least my experience) is to starve the pathogens e.g., bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. The cleaning crew comes out at night (autophagy) as we sleep to make repairs and remove cellular debris, damaged proteins, aging cells et al.

Your introspection on the subject is spot-on about your weight and is concerning when it comes to muscle loss which includes the heart. There are healthier dry fasting approaches / work-a-rounds, but it requires more time (months rather than days) until you discover what works best for you then you can make adjustments to weeks, then days. Part of a healthy dry fast is easing in and out until you find the sweet spot that works for you.

I’ve dry fasted for 7 days straight once a year for the past 2 years and my results are astounding when it comes to the removal of the four pathogens, cleaning out the mitochondria buildup, increase NAD levels, including the full repair of a bulged disc, damaged sciatic nerve and peptic ulcer.

During your 3 day dry fast you made a new you with an almost complete tissue remodel. All of this information is out there in books and online medical sources e.g., August Dunning, Dr. Filonov and Dr. Shchennikov. Invest your time in functions and mechanisms.

gaining weight will require you to mix carbs and fat but you also need to make sure to have stable blood sugar levels. Some people report metabolism improvement after long dry fasts, but you can also check in with a consultation with dr filinov and ask him about his patients that came in underweight