Advice needed for weight loss

Hi everyone. I hope you are all doing well today.

I'm around 290-300 lbs and I've been trying to lose weight. After research I decided to attempt my First 3 day dry fast that I started Friday March 8th. I was doing intermittent fasting beforehand so I didn't go in unprepared. I'm currently about to finish it today, but I've seen no real loss in weight. Don't worry I know this is expected, which is why I want to extend it to 7 days. I want to get fit and healthy for a better life, and in the short term I generally want to be fit in time for college in a few months. My current weight goal is 170. Should I extend 3 days into 7 days and go from there if I still feel comfortable? I thought about switching to an omad and exercise plan as well. I've already changed my diet for the better so I'm not gonna go on a binge after fasting. And if I feel any negative symptoms during my dry fasting I have an emergency refeed plan in case I need it. I'm fully prepared for the long haul, I just really want this weight gone.

Thank you.

The reason you’re not seeing a loss in a weight could be because of a few different things, but most likely it’s about the body not being able to burn fat effectively and your metabolism having dropped drastically over the last few years of dieting if that’s what you’ve been doing. Another thing is edema and bloating if for you have not rehydrated properly and had a good electrolyte balance prior to starting along. Dry fast. For example, if you were under hydrated before and and your body is now stuck in this edemic state where it is sort of bloated with water and doesn’t want to drop it because it’s worried about dehydration, then you’re going to have a hard time losing water weight on a dry fast. And if your body holds on to the water weight and has a hard time burning fat, you’re kind of going to be stuck. One of the best ways is to push through. So you’re right in thinking that you need to go for a longer ones, but another more gentle solution is to bring your body back into balance and make sure you hydrate correctly. So that means refeed gently a stay away from sodium as much as possible. Balance it with potassium and magnesium. Look up the beginner scorch protocol or one of the intermittent dry fasting protocols that I have because I think that’s one of your best the bets. I’d like to know how you were doing and turn in fasting before because that also depends on how you’re going to react to longer dry fasts. Mixing in exercise is crucial, especially when doing internet fasting and I do believe that if you’re not very sick and you’re able to exercise, it’s one of the most important things to do early on in a dry fast as well. You don’t always have to go for the extended ones to make drastic changes.


I would love to ask you a question based on your response here. In the last year and nearly a half I have gained weight out of nowhere and it won’t drop. I am 47 and I am pretty certain it is my thyroid. I just did a 4 day water and 2 day dry fast and did’t drop weight. I wanted to ask you if you think that and extended water fast can balance this again. Or if you have heard of this helping people sore out their thyroid. Also, if you do think it could help, how long would you suggest I dry fast? I would guess I would need to fast a few times to get things back to normal.