She Hasn't Eaten in 16 Years (No Food, No Water)

This girl claims to not have eaten or drank anything in 16 years. 🤔 I don’t know if I believe that. She’s not skinny. When I don’t eat or drink for 3 days I start to lose 3.8 pounds a day on average and I’m already underweight. If I dry fast for 6 days it puts me in the high 70’s usually I weigh 74-78 pounds after dry fasting for only 6 days. So how is she at a normal weight after not eating or drinking anything for 16 years? That’s my only issue I have with her story. Could this be a mistranslation? She doesn’t speak English and the translator might not really understand English just because he can speak it. I’m not usually skeptical about these things as I understand the power of fasting but shouldn’t she be pin THIN? Whether your intention behind dry fasting is weight loss or not, weight loss is a byproduct of fasting that’s irrefutable and common sense. There’s no way this average to normal looking weight woman with a full face hasn’t eaten in 16 mfkin years Da Fuketh 😩