Deciding Trying To Dry Fast But But Underweight

Hello, I am a 6ft Male I have been 120lbs for about half a decade now which at this point in my life where I'm starting to care about my health for once I'm starting to become concerned, I've ate like crap most of my life just a whole lot of processed junk because I'm addicted to sugar although in the past few months I've been doing intermittent fasting and cutting down on refined sugars and eating plenty of fruit and healthy fats for the most part but I am still super skinny and am always and I mean ALWAYS hungry idk if this is cuz of conditioning my body for so long to eating so much sugar and causing so many glucose spikes from eating tons of sugars on a empty stomach in the mornings so my body doesn't know how to digest nutrients and minerals properly from real food but I have had this weight issue pretty much my whole life but I am simply just wondering after doing lots of research on fasting but not being able to find much about how a dry fast would affect a skinny person like me would it be beneficial for my gut to heal so it can digest foods properly or would it be unsafe?

I do believe that when dealing with extremely underweight people, you’re dealing with metabolic conditions in the body, so a lot of people think great. My metabolism is so high. I can eat anything and other fat people usually are jealous of these types of people too. Not understanding that that is usually a sign of disease in the body. The body is out of balance. The great thing about dry fasting is that it attempts to bring the body back into balance and heal the metabolic pathways that are affecting your nutrient absorption, digestion, fat creation, and more. So you’re definitely on the right track. Thinking here but to gain weight is going to be hard if you literally have no fat whatsoever. You are in a bit of a dangerous situation and you’re going to have to start with very short dry fasts and that means that you’re going to be surviving off of your glycogen stores and you’re going to have to eat good satiating meals and then dry fast for something like 22 to 44 hours and then refill your glycogen stores. Hopefully exercise as well to preserve what muscle you do have that is going to be a bit of a balance, a little bit of trial and error and once you actually start shifting back into health you’ll notice that the body starts to learn how to put on fat when necessary. If your body can put on FedEx but it’s extremely hard then you need to look into the rental cycle and try to mix in fats and carbs together to create a longer lasting insulin effect which should promote more fat. Genesis.