Ginger, Garlic, or Antiviral Herbs after three (3) day dry fast to address viral reactivation

Hi Yannick! After reading your Dry Fasting Stress - Managing viral reactivations for Long Covid and others article. I had the following questions. What are your thoughts related to eating things like ginger, garlic, or an antiviral herb (i.e. coriander etc.) during the first three days of a refeed to address these viral reactivations concerns after a three (3) day dry fast? Could this be an effective way to counteract these viral reactivations? I do not recall if Filonov’s protocol addresses these antiviral concerns with any specific food that is considered antiviral. I would think that after a day of water and vegetable broth, it would be an opportune moment to add ginger, garlic or another antiviral food to your refeed. I think a good antiviral food could be a good alternative to address these viral reactivation concerns. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!