About to finish my first 3 day DF

I am about to complete a 3 day Dry Fast and not sure what to do for refeed... So far I've planned

1) a cup of tea, 🍡 2) Sliced cucumber with salt + soy sauce πŸ₯’ 3) Mixed fruit salad with almonds 🍏 🍌 πŸ₯œ 4) Chicken salad πŸ₯— 5) Electrolytes and water (8 glasses) throughout the day 6) Protein pudding snack 7) Steamed veggies and Steak

Is it okay to eat like this for the next 3days?

Congratulations and way to power through a 3 day dry fast.

Your refeed lineup looks good as you ease back into solid foods.

I have a couple questions.

What’s your end goal from a 3 day dry fast e.g., removing cellular debris, release more stem cells, extending autophagy?

Did you experience any unique changes e.g., energy levels, clarity?