Currently on day 7 of a water fast and I feel fine, have been watching electrolytes. Can I start 3 day dry fast now?

Curious to hear people’s experiences with a similar fasting schedule.

It is not recommended to do a dry fast after a waterfast It is to stressfull for youre body. Better start with a dryfast and ending with a waterfast.

The reason you’re not supposed to do a water fast into a dry fast is because of electrolyte and nutrient issues. But one of the main issues is dehydration on top of a lot of other mechanisms when you water fast you actually introduce dehydration to the body and jumping into a dry fast throws a lot of it out of loop. your body has to activate a lot of aggressive mechanisms to preserve water and to burn fat when you dry fast it doesn’t exactly have to do that on a water fast so a few days of water fasting is fine but once you start entering deeper levels of a water fast switching to a dry fast can be dangerous. in general though the saying of “never go from water to dry” is basically to stop people making mistakes and just having a more clear and simple message but just so you know a lot of people do like to start with a few days of water fasting before they go into a dry fast as a way to cleanse the body while still keeping up some sort of hydration but you just have to be aware that once you push your body into deeper levels you want to go from the hardest to the easiest and not the other way around

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