Question about ending dry fast and detox symptoms

I ended a 3 day dry fast 4 hours ago .

Sipping water etc .

Upon feeling hydrated I got herx type symptoms.

I am healing Lyme and an unknown toxin.

Would I feel detox symptoms so fast upon hydration?

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It’s very common to get herx’s type symptoms after a dry fast especially for people who are really sick I see this all the time with people with long covid or rather severe long covid and Lyme’s disease same thing goes for any other autoimmune disease to be honest if you read my Scorch protocol you’ll see that I often reference a vulnerability window that is right after you refeed and for about 3 days especially after more than 72 hours of dry fasting if you look at the research you’ll notice that the immune cells actually retract into the bone marrow very aggressively in around 72 hours of extended fasting for both water and dry so you have to think of it like right after the long fast you’re in this building back phase and there are not as many prison guards AKA immune cells in your system to protect you from viral reactivation and other latent pathogens in the body once again read The Scorch protocol look into antiviral strategies and strategies to thrive throughout the vulnerability window

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