Anyone heal Lyme and infections?

Anyone heal Lyme and infections doing dry fasting ? Especially neuro Lyme symptoms?

I know Michelle Slater story and book but was looking for other testimonies.

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There are a ton of people that have healed Lyme disease to a certain degree with dry fasting. You’ll find them all over the place. And yes, there’s even people that have not and then they’re going to say that drive fasting doesn’t work. But what you have to take into consideration is that Lyme disease is basically called an incurable disease because it’s so dastardly tricky and complicated. Yes, some people will heal from the antibiotics or whatever is the most common medication at the time, but they’re usually not as deeply sick as the severe cases and this excuse the data and leaves the severe cases to sort of be left to their own devices and abandoned. But then the severe cases come to dry fasting and suddenly things start improving. So you have to understand that sometimes a 50% improvement is all someone really wants and they can get that with very simple dry fasting. But they might have to push it too longer ones. And once you start pushing it to longer ones, you have the responsibility to do it correctly and learn about it. However, personally I think that to get true healing you have to mix a few things in together with dry fasting. One dry fasting has to be done correctly. Two you have to mix in synergistic strategies that revolve around the parasympathetic that revolve around promoting better stem cell regeneration promoting mitochondrial health. Making sure that you are targeting problems like impaired glycolysis inside of your mitochondria and then even things like managing your alkalinity and nutrients. All in all, if you’ve been suffering with a lime and doctors have abandoned you dry fasting is your pillar to healing it

If Michelle’s Slater’s book resonated with you, then you know dry fasting is what you need to do, but you also have to take into consideration that I don’t think she has the full solution and I’m really happy that she found healing, but she does have to keep going back to filonov now. I don’t know if that is a monetary compensation type of situation or because she needs to maintain it because she regresses as well a little bit. I would go so far as to say that if she is not targeting the other synergistic paths that are mentioned in the scorch protocol than I don’t think she has achieved full healing and she knows that but you never know