Dry fast to tackle long covid

Hey dear dry fasters,

After COVID I am struggeling with Post viral Fatigue now for 9 months. The only Thing that ever really gave me any type of release was fasting. However until now i only was able to do 72h water fasts (24h dry Last das). With my Energy already being very Low, it is Not easy for me to go too long without food.

Did anyone with a similar health condition like Long COVID used dry fasting sucessfully?

Do you think a dry fast could be a tool to tackle LC? How many days do you believe are necessary to see any type of results?

Is there any Supplements/ medicine that I should take during or after the fast? Or there any other tipps?

I am commited to do anything, just cause I am still full time working it is unfortunatly Most of the time very difficult to include a fast into my schedule.