POTS AKA Low Blood Pressure and Why Not Go for 3 days?

Three questions

  1. Has anyone here use dry fasting to cure POTS / Low Blood Pressure? I see this is listed as a contraindication but I don’t pass out and know that mine is a post/viral syndrome.

  2. I have definitely done some fasting and stumbled into a 36 hour dry fast, and we surprised by how well it went. I have been doing gentle liver cleanses and supplements for years. Because I know I am an adrenal fatigue sufferer (I saw that article, thank you it was great!) I am wondering if it would not be better to simply do a 3 day dry fast now instead of trying to ‘build up to it’ as i fear that ‘building up to it’ will actually run me into the ground.

  3. I see the article about restoring the parasympathetic nervous system referenced, however I cannot find it. Has anyone seen it?

Many thanks