Dopamine replacement strategy?

I have dry fasted many times before, up to 7 days, so I consider myself experienced.

But this time I cannot seem to start. For two months I have been attempting a multiple day fast but I cave after day one.

I think it has to do with my current course, I am in an accelerated learning program by lack of a better description, which causes me stress and claims my focus.

Every other time I dry fasted, I had relative luxury to focus on just that by researching about it to keep me motivated. Dry fasting was always the ‘main thing’ at that moment in time.

Right now, however, it cannot be a s I am numbing my stress with food. I really want to break this cycle of dependency on the reassuring dopamine eating gives me.

Is someone on here experienced with dry fast during stressful times? How to get your dopamine not from food but elsewhere, especially when you don’t have much energy to get it from activity?

Common to hit fasting walls. If its not a nutritional deficiency or extremely underweight, then it might just be a neuro transmitter issue or burnout… deal with it by eating zero-carb for a bit, or try semi-dry OMAD with caffeine boosts early day, you’ll easily transition into dry fasts from that.