Research Thread


This subreddit strongly advises AGAINST doing prolonged (3+ days) dry fasts if your only source of information or experience comes from what is discussed on this subreddit. If you are an experienced faster and are receiving outside help/medical check-ups, then your knowledge obviously extends beyond what is discussed here. You are otherwise putting yourself at risk of potentially worsening your health as the scientific literature is extremely limited on this subject. Please remember to fast responsibly.

If you begin to feel uncomfortable or unwell, you should stop fasting immediately. Other worrying signs may include high protein in the urine, high fever, and fainting.



* Anthropometric, Hemodynamic, Metabolic, and Renal Responses during 5 Days of Food and Water Deprivation


* The dehydration treatment of epilepsy


* Increased fat catabolism sustains water balance during fasting in zebra finches

* Intermittent drinking, oxytocin and human health

* The ‘selfish brain’ is regulated by aquaporins and autophagy under nutrient deprivation

* When less means more: Dehydration improves innate immunity in rattlesnakes


* Unmasking the secrets of cancer

* Cell hydration and mTOR-dependent signaling

* Effects of acute and chronic hypohydration on kidney health and function

Please note that we probably will not add studies that have loose/indirect associations between "dehydration" and physiological mechanisms of action. From the most reliable human study we have, they state that "on day 4 and 5, all participants had a controllable feeling of thirst, but none showed any signs of dehydration." I think it's best we avoid words that have negative implications (i.e. "dehydration) when discussing dry fasting, and unless the study is extremely valuable or shows very large effect results, it's probably best to avoid adding these studies that will clutter the list and make the whole thing look more extreme than it already is. You can still post the studies for discussion, they may just not be added to the list.

Feel free to post additional links in the comments as you find them and I will add them to the list.


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