Day check in

*should say day 10 but fingers are cold *

Hey folks I’m here on day hard dry to cure long Covid and many other ailments. I am skinny but I believe there are fat reserves to make it to Thursday morning rehydration( can’t wait)

Previous high was 9 days so I’ve just passed that.

Dry mouth, exhaustion, yadda yadda all there. Acidosis definitely hitting…aches and pains from all kinds of things but especially my long problematic gut.

I feel a little chest pain I’m hopeful it’s the spike protein from Covid getting murked. Back is stiff around spine, but aches all over seriously.

Still producing 2 cups of urine or so. Heart rate normal. Can walk short distances. Quick to get cold and shivery…trying to stay warm but exposed to outside air is a dance.

I’m in a rented trailer in the Sunshine Coast of bc…best decision I made, getting away from stress and just focusing.

Questions or comments/concerns fire away. Please nothing that would stress you out on a df if you read it!

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Hey! Congrats on day 10. Just checking in for the progress.