Fasting and Fibroids

I am looking at starting a fast to shrink fibroids and get pregnant. I have done an 11 days water fast before which shrank the fibroids a little.

If anyone has any information that can help please share.

A 7-Day dry fast is going to be equivalent to a 21 day water fast so it’s much more powerful to shrink fibroids. there’s also a lot of anecdotal evidence that they help a lot with fertility and I did come across some stories where people dry fasted chickens and were able to double the length of their egg production which means that they were basically able to regenerate stem cells and regenerate eggs which is very interesting. I would also highly recommend rotating high fat ketogenic diet into a dry fast so that you extend the autophagy period but then refeed into a high carb low-fat diet which stimulates abundance and regeneration making sure that you try your best to separate carbs and fats in your diet


Thank you so much for your reply. Can you please share the link about this. I like reading such evidences.
I never knew a 7 days dry fast is equivalent to 21 days water fast. I once did a 3 days dry fast and had some terrible side effects.

TMI: I had lots of mucus discharge, bowel movements, back pain, tongue was totally white.The fibroids was moving aggressive on the 3rd day and it was causing so much pain so I had to abruptly stop the fast. Though my symptoms reduced after that fast.

I have scheduled to start a dry fast next week. I will share updates here if I experience anything out of the norm again.

Also, please share if there is anything I need to do before or after the fast.