Working out

who has experimented with working out daily on dry fasts that are 5-10 days plus ?

ive done a few 24-30 something hour dry fasts, but i normally just do intermittent dry fasting for 12-20 hours daily since it feels pretty good, i also wonder what y’all think about that and the validity of doing very frequent dry IF.

i wanna do a harder purge, because even if dry IF is pretty beneficial and detoxes you nicely over time, i still think itd be good to do a harder one somewhat often, i just don’t wanna lay around and do nothing

it doesn’t make too much sense to me, if you worked out and or were just active wouldn’t you just detox faster because your bodies like oh shit i need energy and hydration so it tackles getting after your parasites faster to fuel you and your activity rather than just you bumming out at home waiting for your body do it’s thing once it finally feels like doing so because it’s not like you’re doing anything anyways besides not intaking