Water loading/cutting

Hey guys, I have a question…So, what would happen if I water loaded before a 3-5 days dryfast? Water loading is when you convince your body to flush out excess water by urinating more frequently which also will continue for a day or two even after either cutting down on the water intake or completely cutting it off which will allow you to lose anything from 5-10% of your bodyweight. My question is, I’m going to attempt a minimum 3-5 days dry fast but aiming for my goal of 7 days, for healing purposes, fat loss and skin tightenning.

Seeing as our body makes metabolic water during a dryfast, wouldn’t it be smart to start the dry fast after water loading for 4 days prior while also eating only low carb/keto diet? That means I’ll already start the fast with depleted Glycogen aswell as a deficit of water weight as I’ll trick my body, which should drive my body to much faster enter into Autaphagy, fatburn and making more metabolic water? Ofc consuming electrolytes before starting.

What’s your thoughts?