Does anyone get shallow breathing?

I'm not saying it's hard to breath, I just feel a bit winded, like breathing is shallow. But I don't necessarily have a hard time exercising, oddly enough I can handle activity okay but breathing is just constantly a bit weak and going only to the chest not diaphragm

I have definitely experienced this too, many times. This may sound funny, but I found that when I bent my torso forward I could take a full deep breath. I am not sure what the reason is for this shallow breathing thing. I find my weight affects it. A few years ago I dropped weigh fast with fasting and then I would experience this shallow breathing thing every time. In the last two years I have picked up some weight, (I think something is up with my thyroid), and each time I have fasted in the last two years I have not had the shallow breathing thing, and I am not dropping very much weight when fasting. I fasted last week, 4 days water and 2 days dry and no shallow breathing, cos I am not losing much weight at the moment when fasting like I used to. The point I am trying to make is that I have put it down to weight loss and possibly weight loss around organs too. It is of course just my theory based on my own experience. I thought that maybe organ are moving slightly and adjusting and it causes the shallow breathing.
I hope this helps