Am attempting a 7 days DF with myocarditis, is it dangerous?

Am doing my hail mary attempt at curing myself from the Devils disease myocarditis.

Is 7 days dangerous?

I am not a doctor, but my research into myocarditis is that it is the symptoms are basic inflammation, and DF always improves inflammation, but that is a symptom. The unknown factor seems like what is the root cause of the myocarditis. If it’s viral, I think 7-9 day DF is less likely to “cure” it, but if its origin is more parasitic, you stand a good chance of stopping it. It is certainly worth 7 days, but after 7 I’d play it hour by hour while you monitor your heart rate and O2 sat. With the reduction in inflammation you should be good till 9 days, but do have someone with you 24/7.
If no incidents, recover 3-4 weeks and do another 6-7 day DF because it will still likely take multiple rounds to eliminate the root cause.
Hope that helps.