You don't need to refeed at all when you are on the carnivore diet

First of all, meat is the only food that is 100% bioavailable, whereas your body only absorbs 3% of vegetables nutrients and 40% of fruits nutrients. Not only does meat cause FAR less inflammatory stress on the stomach than fruits and especially vegetables, but fruits, and especially vegetables take up FAR more space than meat, causing much more bloating, and GI stress. 100 calories of ground beef or steak takes up 40% as much space in your stomach as lasagna and 10% as much space ad 100 calories of baked potatoes! The biggest misconception is that calories are the main stress after a fast, in fact it's bloating!

Now think about this: when our ancestors, who ate 90+% meat, would go weeks without food in the winter, before bringing down wild game, do you think that were careful to only eat 500 calories the first day, and then 1000 calories the next day? Of course not, if they were eating meat! Ruminant red meat is the least inflammatory, most nutrient dense, most bioavailable, and most physically dense whole food on Earth! It is literally compact and causes no bloating or inflammation spike because the digestion is east! Pro tip: make sure to get at least 75% of your calories from animal fat to avoid constipation. Fat's interaction with carbs causes constipation, bur when carbs are removed from the diet, fat becomes a mild laxative, whereas "bad meats" such as chicken are almost pure protein little fat and thus lack nutrients and can cause inflammation! It's called the Human Diet for a reason!