Why Zero Carb Dieters like the Carnivore Diet are usually depressed and can't control their carb intake

  • People are stressed and sick, that’s why they search for deep ketosis through carnivore, but it’s actually messing the adrenals, so then they look for a solution and come to fasting
  • Skipping carbs puts stress on low glucose and forces more cortisol
  • They’re usually IF’ing and causing chronic stress through it (skipping breakfast)
  • Drug abusers often indirectly search for Oxytocin
  • Oxytocin early in life correlates with success and health. It’s released most through love and bonding, and especially through breastfeeding. Less breastfeeding leads to higher chances of autism, depression, and egotistical behavior. You’re creating people that will have a hard time loving you or anyone else.
  • Also studies showing lower mortality among pet owners, or how social isolation is essentially neurotoxic.

I dunno about that, man…I was vegan for 8.5 years then omnivore for a couple of years. It wasn’t till I went high-fat carnivore that I lost all symptoms of bipolar (along with the multiple sclerosis reversing)

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