Carnitine and ketones: why animal based low carb has an easier time with dry fasting

Carnitine is a very important if not the most important part of fatty acid metabolism in our mitochondria. Best sources are animal based, obviously as the name implies carnivore. This means on an animal based diet your body gets very accustomed to burning fat and getting energy from it efficiently, which is the main difference between all other diets and why you’ll keep coming across carnivores that breeze through fasting. So you’re obviously thinking, does that mean I should be carnivore before a dry fast? Possibly, but also we don’t know how important the hormetic shift is to the benefits were looking for, but no matter what the difficulty of a fast drops immensely if you’re fat adapted. Its like a children’s game at that point. Also carnitine is lost in cooking heat, which also explains why the longer term carnivores start to eat their meat redder and redder… its the body screaming for carnitine at the expense of bioavailability of the protein macronutrients.