The more I research and correlate dry fasting experiences the more I see with Long Covid connection

Obviously my scope of experience with autoimmune related diseases is narrowed to long covid, which I believe shares similarities with nearly all other autoimmune diseases, and if you’ve been in the sphere, even if you claim to be strictly a lyme purist :wink: Anyways, the one thing that kills me, is that I run into a very tiny group of people that claim they’ve tried fasting and even dry fasting with everything they had. a woman even told me that she went to filonovs and got worse. This throws a wrench into the idea that dry fasting cures all. What if you reach a point of near irretrievable stem cell exhaustion? At this point how can you heal your long covid or autoimmune disease? The basis of the healing is not only in autophagy, even though that is very very required, but in the mitotic cellular response? Ie. cellular proliferation/division. We need those stem cell going full steam ahead… but if you’ve exhausted most of them… this will eventually lead to death if no recourse is taken. Think of dry fasting like the fluid that charges up your stem cells and activates them. In a similar way to the fluid used to induce stem cell pluripotency in a lab setting and in the stem cell clinics… well this would theoretically answer that idea. If you find yourself in a situation where dry fasting and a proper stem cell proliferation diet cant help… you’re treading on thin ice and don’t have a lot of time… get yourself to a stem cell clinic ASAP. restart the stem cells at all costs. Obviously dry fasting is the free version and arguably the more potent version, but if you’re teetering on no stem cells, then what’s the point of stimulating… well NOTHING?? I hope this makes sense.


What was the point of release lyme and releasing covid? were they just protocol violations/mistakes/errors? but it seems that especially covid → causes so much stress on the body, probably forces stem cells into overproduction to keep up. If you wait too long with DF, it may be too late. Hopefully stem cell clinics can still save the people who are too far gone. A truly silent weapon. If it was released on purpose then there’s a good chance the vaccines were as well. If it’s simply a virus that overburdens the system and causes metabolic damage, then great - DF can reverse it easily. If it’s latent like herpes viruses, then we have to learn how to manage it. If the vaccine creates a constant supply of spike… then you will also have to learn how to manage it or else you can say goodbye to your stem cells and health.

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