Is it true that severely sick people like me, people who have cancer, etc, can sacrifice stem cell regeneration(refeeding) in order to maximize autophagy of degenerate cells(fasting)?

I know you're supposed to spend at least 15 times more time feeding than dry fasting, ie, 340 days a year feeding and no more than 25 days a year dry fasting, so that you can grow enough stem cells while refeeding, according to the Pheonix Protocol, you need to refeed a lot more than fast in order to grow healthy new stem cells. HOWEVER, if someone has cancer, wouldn't it be more important to priorize burning off the degenerate cancer cells, even if it means not spending enough time refeeding to replace those cancer cells with healthy stem cells?

TLDR: most people want to feed a lot more than fast to replace bad cells with good cells so they don't wither away from too much fasting, but would a person with cancer do better by fasting more and feeding less, even if it means not replacing the defective cells with new cells, since burning off the cancer cells is more important even if it means not being able to get as many new young healthy cells?

yes this is a logical approach to maintain AMPK state as long as possible which requires very low glucose… I’d be focused on dry fasting and low carb diet for a while, mixing in baking soda when applicable, and when bringing in some carbs, make sure you’re supplementing with bitter melon, berberine, cinnamon