Can too much dry fasting cause stem cell exhaustion?

stem cell exhaustion can be seen in things like sarcopenia and loss of immune function. Does that ring a bell for long covid and lyme’s + other autoimmune diseases? This is one of the keys to crack for actual health. Can stem cell clinics give us the answer? Yes there’s alot of anecdotal evidence for this, but at the same time there are many who only get slight improvements. What this means is that autophagic pathways are also damaged. Looks like dry fasting is needed, but we need to not over do it and we need to mimic “reprogramming culture” like how we induce pluripotent stem cells. But within our own bodies.

The bulk of our cells are differentiated and actually don’t divide, instead being constantly replaced by a minority of proliferating cells. Haematopoietic stem cells in our bone marrow produce a constant supply of red and white blood cells, muscle stem cells stand at the ready to divide and repair damaged muscle tissue when needed, and dead skin cells are replaced on a daily basis by stem cells at the base of the epidermis. The nervous system and heart can be partly renewed but undergo minimal specific renewal in comparison to the rest of the body; new neurons can only form in certain areas. Stem cells are key to both providing new cells as old ones are lost and to correcting incurred wear and tear. Stem cell exhaustion refers to a decline in stem cell numbers and renewal capacity. Without stable populations of proliferating stem cells, tissues and organs lose their ability to recover from damage and begin to fail.

Find actionable stems to prevent stem cell exhaustion: good diet, lots of fruits and veg (seriously these plant compounds help), good sleep, LOW STRESS

So what I’m thinking based on this information is that stress is good - we need it acutely, it’s kind of like yelling at your cells to get into gear. MOVE IT but then its equally if not more important to provide an environment conducive to their growth… .and to avoid stem cell exhaustion as much as possible. Maybe through alkalinity and meditation?