Optimal Prep, Set and Setting For A Long Dry Fast?

Hello everybody I just wanted to get your opinions on my protocol for going into a longer dry fast as well as your thoughts on set and setting. My reasoning for this fast is to treat an fungal infection that I can't seem to shake with a nearly zero carb diet and other modalities .

I would like to go 7 to 9 days dry if possible and continue on water (if needed) for a few more days after that. I know I am a little ambitious with that goal, mentally I'm feeling pretty strong as I have done a few 48's-72's recently. The longest I have gone dry is 75 hours and 105 hours wet so I know this is going to be tough but my WHY is very strong now.


Starting today I have been doing only fresh green juices/coconut water. Would three days of this be adequate or should I stay on liquids longer?I really dont like the taste of green/fruit juices... I am also incorporating an enema every day so the colon is clean when I start my fast. I'm also taking magnesium , iodine, activated charcoal and a few antifungal herbals. I heard somewhere that you don't want any solid food in the pipes before going on a long dry fast, How true is that?

Set and setting.

I currently live just outside a city where there is a lot of steel industry smog and pollution. Where I am located is on a higher elevation so I rarely smell the air from the steel mill. There are a decent amount of birds and trees and I do have house plants, I could even get myself a humidifier to make my fast go easier...

Would I be better off just traveling somewhere by the water with pure air and more humidity. I do have the means to hop on a plane somewhere nice. I am recovering from a shoulder surgery so traveling is a bit of a pain in the ass right now but I am open to it if it would be more conducive to a longer dry fast.

Trying not to overthing think this, but I do want to set myself up the best I can. Any input would be apreciated!