Is Dry Fasting Really 3x More Effective?

When exploring the role of LC3 protein in dry fasting and its effects on autophagy, it’s fascinating to consider how our bodies react differently to various fasting methods. Have you ever noticed changes in your well-being during different types of fasting? LC3 is a key player in autophagy, which is like a cleanup crew for our cells. Dry fasting seems to have a unique impact on this process, potentially being three times more effective in enhancing autophagy compared to water fasting, as indicated by the levels of LC3 markers.

Referencing article: The Science Behind How a 1-Day Dry Fast is Equivalent to a 3-Day Water Fast

What are your thoughts on this? Have you experienced any noticeable differences between dry fasting and water fasting in terms of how you feel or your health outcomes? I’m curious to hear about your journeys with fasting and autophagy. What have you observed?


When I tried dry fasting, I felt much better and noticed bigger health benefits than when I did water fasting.

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The difference between Dry fasting and Water fasting is a difference between night and day.
I feel dry is easier than wet. Not bringing anything to my mouth means I don’t get triggered to put food in my mouth.

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