How beneficial is a 36 (day 1/2) hour dry fast really?

It’s a common thing to hear that 1 day of dry fasting is equivalent to 3 days water fasting. But would that really be the case for the first hours of the dry fast? I have a 6 day work schedule and like the idea of doing rolling 36 hour dry fasts. But is it really only the hours after the first 48 hours that are equivalent to 3 days of water fasting?

I would like to take care of some health issues involving the skin, and just improve my immunity in general. Just having a hard time figuring how I can get the most benefit without not being able to perform at work. Are 16-36 hour dry fasts only minimally better than water fasting?

A dry fast spikes autophagy a lot in the first 24 hours, and significantly more in 36 compared to water fast. It’s a very powerful effect due to the dehydration, but that also means that you need to rehydrate/refeed more carefully especially when doing 36 hours. Dry OMAD is also an option but requires a slightly bigger hydration window so that you are not chronically dehydrated all the time.