Does Your Mood Change During Dry Fasting?

Dry fasting can significantly affect your mental and emotional state. Changes in mood, feelings of clarity, or even intense emotions are common as the body adjusts to fasting. These changes are due to hormonal and biochemical shifts that occur during the fasting process.

For more detailed information on the mental and emotional impacts of dry fasting, you can refer to the article: Mental State and Dry Fasting: Are Feelings Important?.

Have you experienced mood changes during dry fasting? What was it like for you, and how did you manage these shifts in your emotions?

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I definitely felt mood swings, like feeling super clear-headed at times but also more emotional, and I managed these changes by staying calm, focusing on my goals, and reminding myself that they’re a normal part of the process.


It’s common to get anger issues - what do you do to get through them? Have you snapped on people around you? I personally have a few strategies, but the best one is to isolate :wink:

I usually take a moment to meditate or just breathe deeply, and that helps me not to snap at people. :smile: What’s your strategy?

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