How to Transition from Soft to Hard Dry Fasting?

Transitioning from soft to hard dry fasting is a step that requires careful consideration. Soft dry fasting is where you don’t consume food and water but can have external contact with water. Hard dry fasting takes this further by completely avoiding any contact with water, not just consumption. This means no showers, baths, or even washing hands. This shift demands a more disciplined approach and a deeper understanding of your body’s responses to such an intense fasting method.

For more detailed information, refer to the article: Hard Dry Fast and Soft Dry Fast: Which One is Better?.

For those who have experienced both, how did you transition from soft to hard dry fasting? What strategies did you find effective, and how did your body and mind respond to this change? And do you prefer soft or hard dry fasting?

When I switched from soft to hard dry fasting, I did it slowly and listened to my body, and I found that hard dry fasting made me feel more focused and cleansed, although it was definitely more challenging.

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