Do you guys get chest tightness and a feeling of (mild) suffocation when dry fasting?

Whenever I start to feel tired on the 2nd or 3rd day, I feel like my chest is being squeezed somewhat and I can't breathe as deeply. Since my stomach is completely empty or more empty than usual, why do I feel as suffocated as I do after eating a huge meal on Thanksgiving? It's honestly similar to how my chest felt on the few times in my life where I've sat down and eaten 3000 calories, apart from the weakness, coldness and other signs of an acidosis crisis. Is this just another normal symptom?

I have only dry fasted 3 times, so I don’t have huge amounts of experience. The second time I dry fasted, I did three days, and I felt like I couldn’t get enough fresh air on the third night. I actually slept outside in the fresh air for hours, which felt so good, and this helped.

I see someone else asked a question about feeling like they can’t take a full breath, and this I have experienced plenty with all the water fasts I used to do. But I think you experience sound a little different.

So I would say be outside as much as possible or keep the windows open wide. And if you aren’t already doing it, gently and consciously nose breath.