Anyone have varicose veins and has done a 5-7 day dry fast?

Just looking for more info/people's experiences with dry fasting and having varicose veins. August Dunning has said in his book "phoenix protocol" its not indicated to dry fast with varicose veins, which I assume is because of potential blood clots from dehydration. He never even gives further explanation as to why or how you could still do it even with varicose veins. I have done a 72hr dry fast and now looking to do 5-7 day to heal some old injuries. Thanks in advance for any comments to my question.

Dunning mentions not to fast with varicose veins because he is copying the advice of Russian dry fasting clinics and strenokov and philanovs advice you have to understand that this is the safest approach when giving people advice because you want to prioritize safety because everybody is unique and their situations are different although I do believe that even Dunning would probably fast in your situation but you just have to keep in mind that with an increased risk of dehydration you may suffer from nutrient deprivation in your extremities or specifically in the areas with the varicose veins or the circulation is already negatively affected remember that the dehydration window usually sets in pretty drastically around day four for most people and to play it safe it would be recommended to do a water fast or a sort of short dry that transitioned into a water fast a drive fast is very anti-inflammatory and it does clean the blood pretty quickly especially with it’s a very strong autophagy so it’s often viewed as a very powerful cure for microclots and any blood related diseases even though you are balancing the safety between too much dehydration when you have issues with blood along with its ability to actually cleanse the blood so you have to realize that there’s a yin and yang when it comes to dry fasting and you need to put your safety into your own hands and experiment but take baby steps and sometimes it’s better to have to go longer than getting it done too quickly but with too much risk