Would this plan get me good weight loss results?

Hello, so I’m 190-191lbs right now and would like to get down to 175lbs (maybe around 170lbs) and maintain. I work out daily and am currently in the month of Ramadan right now. I do it for religious reasons, so I have to break my fast. I was wondering if doing 23:1 daily dry fasting will be effective for weight loss.

I would break my fast with water and my supplements and vitamins. I plan to only drink water for about 5-10mins before fasting again. My daily workout on any given day is lifting (even though I lowered the intensity a bit since I’m fasting) + 3 miles on the treadmill, or I’ll play soccer that day.

Would this work if my goal is weight/ fat loss? I’m on carnivore diet outside of this, but I plan on doing this for as long as possible. The whole Ramadan if possible or until my goal weight.


Good strategy. It will help for sure. Check out the @dryfastingclub youtybe channel. He has put together amazing resource videos that would answer most of the questions you asked above.