Mushroom Microdose Protocol for Healing Autoimmune Illnesses

This is just a small sneak peak into my heavy and large article dedicated to magic mushrooms and dry fasting for healing protocol.

With this Enlightenment Protocol embark on a transformative journey that intertwines dry fasting with the profound benefits of psilocybin. These secrets I give you are based on personal experiments, deep-diving research, anecdotes, and more. It includes my "minidose protocol ", "macrodose protocol ", and "hyper-accelerated mushroom mix protocol ".


Have you tried it? Planning to try it? What are your thoughts?


I used to microdose and found it very effective for dealing with my cognitive fog from multiple sclerosis. This was 4 years ago, at a time before I practiced dry fasting.

there’s so many pathways that get targeted through psilocybin and synergizing it with dry fasting seems like an intense hack - sort of like having your cake and eating it too. but in general psilo = brain plasticity which can reverse or start to heal many cognitive problems, but at the same time you just have to look into serotonin and its massive positive effect on the immune system. Just make sure you’re getting your co factors in and using dry fasting as a synaptic reset tool. For any dragon ball z fans out there - think of it like having senzu beans to constantly keep getting stronger

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