Optimized Alkaline 7 Day Dry Fast: Tailwind Protocol

This will be my 3rd 7 day Phoenix Protocol fast, but I am changing things up to optimize myself for the most pain-free experience throughout as potentially a template for all dry fasts I plan going forward.

I took Yannick’s advice on the juicing prep for 3 days (ABC juice, Ginger-Orange-Turmeric-Carrot Juice, Kefir) in tandem with a lot of vitamins, electrolytes, beef liver pills, and excessive hydration with reverse osmosis purified water. The premise in Yannick’s plan is to forgo the ease of the early times that a carnivore/keto diet can have in being preemptively ketogenic and fat adapted and seek to put the body in as best an alkalized state as possible to make the harshness of the increasing acidic body through the fast as small as possible.

I’m taking this a set further by “tailwinding” this alkaline state to persist through the fast via Wim Hof Breathing. I am performing 3-4 rounds of his 30-180 second breathing techniques that have proven to help alkalize the body a significant amount for up to 5 hours after performing. Specifically, Studies show that doing the breathing effects the CO2 in your body and can cause temporary Alkalosis falling off to baseline around 5 hours after. During deliberate hyperventilation, the pH-value of the blood increases. Normally, blood pH levels are around 7.4, but the drop in CO2 makes the blood significantly more alkaline — up to 7.75.

More details here: Acute Effects of the Wim Hof Breathing Method on Repeated Sprint Ability: A Pilot Study - PMC

So I will look to go through the dry fast doing 3-4 sessions of Wim Hof breathing to see if it can help to remove the catalyst of my biggest issue with prior dry fasts; insomnia. Cortisol spikes brought on by the body’s attempts to alkalinize in response to being excessively acidic can be a major contributing factor to inability to sleep throughout the later parts of the fast as you pass the acidotic crisis. So by keeping my body as potentially alkalized as possible with a non-breaking intervention of the breathing techniques, I seek to sleep and feel optimal throughout the fast.

I’m at hour 56 and can confirm, that the juice prep definitely leaves one vulnerable to some symptoms of the “keto flu” as the body switches from the excessive and sole reliance on carbs/sugar from the juices into the ketogenic state of being fasted. At roughly 24 hours I had these symptoms that I’m very familiar with as someone who used to keto diet a lot for around 4 hours. After that, I have not experienced any discomfort for the last 32 hours. My energy has been generally normal, even able to take 2 miles walks each day. However I usually get a little lull in energy mid-day, and take a 1-2 hour nap, something I never did in my previous fasts.

The true test of this protocol will come in the next 2 days as the acidotic crisis looms, but if my understanding of Wim Hof’s tests are true, I should be able to mitigate those pain points and make the late fasting experience much more manageable.

80 Hours in and going strong. Next to no discomfort through the 4th day so far. The moment of truth is coming soon. To see if I sleep soundly without cortisol spike through the night tonight.

While I have had occasionally small bouts of weakness and even a desire to take an hour nap around noon-1 every day, I have honestly felt great throughout this fast so far. Even been keeping up 2 mile walks every day.

94 hours in, about to jump into day 5 and slept through the night relatively well. Took about an hour to fall asleep despite being sleepy and tired but got 4 hours of sleep before suddenly nature called, then another 4 hours before I was wide awake at the crack of dawn.

A little more rocky than prior nights sleep but still pretty solid and a huge improvement to previous fasts. Still anticipating a nap mid-day like all the prior days, getting fairly good results in keeping my cortisol down it would seem. If this continues for nights 5-7 then I think at least personally I’ll call the Tailwind Protocol a success in staying Alkaline enough to reduce the bodies acidity away from the threshold of cortisol spiking.

Next 3 nights should be a great testament to it. Also I’ll have to break from hard-dry to soft dry today as I’ll need to take a quick shower for something I have to attend to in person and my ‘natural’ is not something I can take with me out of the house.

~120 hours in, about to start day 6 and I slept MUCH better than the last two night 5s of previous dry fasts.

Once again it took me an hour to actually fall asleep, I had 3 hours of solid sleep, then woke up by naturals call like the previous days (no clue why my body is making this the time) and then after another hour fell back asleep for 4 more hours culminating in 7 hours of sleep.

Granted my last 2 fasts I was lucky to get 2-3 hours over a 10 hour window of attempting to sleep, I’d say the tailwind is working wonders!

However I do want to put a caveat in the tailwind protocol that I didn’t mention before. You can NOT Wim Hof breath any sooner than 1.75 hours before bed (the breathing session itself takes ~15 minutes). The reason is that while Wim Hof breathing does help to alkaline your body, it also activates a small surge of a adrenaline which is VERY counter intuitive to attempts to sleep. You can still be alkalinized up to 5 hours after your fast according to the extensive studies on Wim and his students, so don’t push it too close to your actual sleeping window.

But so far, the easiest and best fastest experience I’ve had to date with juice prep + Tailwind.

145 hours in, just a day to go, and had less of something correlated to the tailwind protocol last night and more of a healing issue anomaly. Like before it took me about an hour to actually fall asleep, got 3 hours of solid sleep, but then I had this pulsating sensation from my intestines that kept me up for 4 hours. From my prior fasts I’m very familiar with the physical sensation of constipation and artifacts stuck in the system and this was completely different. A kind of pulsing numbness that also made me feel a kind of brain fog. But unlike the acidic issues and cortisol spikes I’ve had with prior fasts, this one did not make me feel lethargic, weak in the joints, or have full body sensations. It was completely localized to that point in the gut outside of the brain fog that made it impossible to sleep until the 5th hour. Because I took the day off for work I went back to sleep after the issue eventually passed and got 3 more hours which is sufficient to ride out the next day.

I believe I may have had a worm, parasite, or bacteria inside me that was at its limit releasing toxins as it died which would explain why it felt like it was only in one place, wasn’t physical per se, and threw my brain for a loop. It tracks too, as I got a really bad cause of food poisoning in early January in Mexico, so this could have been an artifact of that bad health incident getting addressed.

Otherwise, all of day 6 was a breeze, and this morning even with the lessened sleep, I feel fine to continue going. I still believe the Wim Hof breathing keeping me moderately Alkaline is making the persistent acidity of my body at this late of the fast in a kind of equilibrium to function at 75% relative to baseline. I’ll report if I have another sleep issue tonight, but regardless, this still counts as leagues better than my prior 2 dry fast’s nights 4,5,6!

2022/2023 Dry fast:

Night 4- 4 hours sleep

Night 5- 3 hours sleep

Night 6- 2 hours sleep

Night 7- No sleep at all

2024 Tailwind Fast:

Night 4- 8 hours sleep

Night 5- 7 hours sleep

Night 6- 6 hours sleep

Night 7- 5.5 hour sleep (updated)

And that does it! 170 hours down 7 days complete, I’m breaking now.

I’ve said before but I really gotta reiterate, this was by leaps and bounds the easiest, most comfortable, and function fast doing the Tailwind Protocol.

While my sleep and cortisol seemed to gradually rise from day 3 onward, the Wim Hof breathing every 5 hours made it almost a non-issue until the 6th night.

If my first fast was me functioning at 50% days 4-5 and >30% past night 5, This entire fast essentially me at 70-75% functionality from the end of the keto flu starting day 2 to the end.

Jumping back to my sleep, on night 7 I got 5.5 hours of sleep! I feel so blessed compared to prior fasts that were zero hours on day 7. But it was NOT seamless though. Like prior nights took me an hour to actually fall asleep, then it back and for

  • sleep 40 min

  • wake 40 min

  • sleep 40 min

  • wake 40 min


Then finally I had my first actual cortisol spike at night and I was feeling dreadful. I tried to fall back for an hour but i knew from my prior fasts that these weren’t so easily reversed to get back into sleep. So I tried standing outside while it was cool, sitting in front of a cool fan, laying on the tile in the kitchen, but it felt moot. So I decided, “if I was gonna have to rough out the last 6 hours, I might as well not be acidic.” So I broke my own rule and did Wim Hof breathing at night that made me feel much better, but the adrenaline definitely put me in an “awake” mode. I messed around on my phone and listened to music to pass the time until an hour and half later I actually felt a little tired. So I tried laying back down, and surprisingly got 2.5 more hours of sleep! Gonna ride it out for a few hours longer to make it an even 170 for my longest fast on record. I’m saying the Tailwind Protocol, at least for me, was a smashing success in making the fast infinitely more comfortable!

Some closing notes on the protocol

  • Make sure to properly alkalize yourself with the juicing prep 2-3 days before you start your fast. This assures also that you can clear out anything from your colon that may cause discomfort when you’re dry

  • This protocol does definitely bring on a keto flu within the first 24-36 hours due to the large influx of sugar and carbs in the juice prep, account for this but it will pass

  • Wim Hof Breathing (60-90-120 seconds) should be done every 5 hours as shown in the studies to keep the body alkalized

  • Wim Hof Breathing does cause a spike in adrenaline so it is not advised close to your planned bedtime. However at least from my experience, you can ride out the 1 hour to have a potentially alkaline state to try sleeping again if you are acidic and having insomnia.

very cool - Im very interested in the wim hof breathing and effects on fast!!

You should edit your main post and keep expanding with your updates so that it is clearer for people and we can discuss it in the comments.

I was just reading hippocrates " On Regimen in Acute Diseases" and he talks a lot about dry fasting, fasting, and insomnia - so if the Wim Hof breathing is a powerful solution this could be huge!!