Things that help get through dry fasts

About me: Food has always been a source of entertainment. Since my life can be quite boring (work, chores, family drama, no romantic prospects), it made it easy to turn to food to make life more enjoyable. That resulted in me putting on weight. Now I'm working to correct my relationship with food and spark other forms of joy in my life that are beneficial.

So I came across the concept of dry fasting and so far I've done six total dry fasts, each lasting 2-3 days. I've observed that they get easier to do over time as I gain more control over cravings, impulses and other habits. I'm 48 hours into another dry fast and wanted to share some things I do to replace some of the feelings of consuming meals.

  • Scented candles: I have one going every morning. This one smells like peaches and cream and champagne and it feels like I'm enjoying a fruity beverage or enjoying a nourishing fruit and yogurt breakfast. At night, I have a cinnamon candle going. I haven't figured out how to manage salt and savory cravings, so if someone could kindly point me to a spaghetti or Doritos scented candle, I'd appreciate it.
  • Essential oils: My favorite is Orange Oil. It's smells... juicy, and helps pick me up and brighten my mood. No, none of these "claims" are bonafide facts. I'm just expressing how this oil makes me feel.
  • Naturally scented body wash: I have a lot of these that have mango and vanilla in them, and I get over my sweet cravings when I use them. My fasts are often Soft Dry Fasts, and so I do shower and brush my teeth, but avoid all other contact with water.
  • Work: A lot of people have already said this, but loading up my day with activities helps. I've never been able to work on a full stomach anyway, so filling my day with appointments and projects just helps me to pass time and get over it (and of course not go broke, lol).
  • Talking to a Friend: I know this sounds like some Food Addicts Anonymous cliche, but talking with friends actually helps. Maybe it's the pat on the back or the exchange of compliments that makes me feel less stressed. (I mean, who wouldn't want more compliments?) I just finished a consultation with a colleague and felt pretty confident about it. He said I did a great job explaining a new sales tool to him, so I'm feeling optimistic about the day.
  • Naps: I know this sounds counter to filling one's day with activities, but if I have time to kill and nothing urgent that needs doing, sometimes I'll nap to pass time. That's not new to anyone here, as I feel like resting is a common way to "cope" with dry fasting. But to the newbies out there, no you don't have to be active. In fact, it's probably safest to take it easy.
  • Sunlight: I start my mornings outside in as much sunlight as I can stand. It feels invigorating like I'm recharging a battery. I'll sit for 20 minutes at a time and then go back to doing daily tasks.

Just thought to share how I like to get through the fasts. My biggest advice is to stay busy with the things you enjoy most OR experiencing new things. Dry fasts tend to feel easier than water fasts anyway, but a few "rituals" can help make it more tolerable. Thanks for reading.

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Awesome tips!

Word of caution: careful with nobody washes and lotion on dry fast. However natural they might be - commercially made always have stuff u. It you don’t want absorbing especially on a dry fast.

If you are doing a soft dry (with water contact) just use clean, hopefully filtered (not chlorinated) water to clean the skin. Nothing beyond that for maximum regeneration effects. :heart::heart::heart:

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