Physical Labor Job/Fasting

I’ve been wanting to do a long fast for a couple years now. First read The Fasting Cure by Upton Sinclair, then one by Bernar McFadden called Hydrotherapy and Fasting, then the one by August Dunning about Dry Fasting and one called Perfect Health: How to get it and How To Keep It. I know deep down that this stuff is true, many of these books were written over a hundred years ago. Longest water fast I’ve done is 80 hrs, longest Dry Fast was 52 hrs. Really want to do a long water fast of 25 days or more or a dry fast of at least seven days but my job is of the physical labor variety and that’s holding me back currently.

What’s your actual question, because it seems you know that you need to get to the longer fasts and that physical labor does not mix well with long fasting. yes, you can get away with it and a lot of people do try to work and exercise while fasting and it is possible but is it optimal? hell no. you want to keep the body in a low stress State during fasting and especially during the refeed to really tap into the healing mechanisms but if you’re simply looking for adding fasting for Optimal Health then you don’t need to look at these long fasts. it really depends on what you’re trying to heal so when you are ready for that long fast you should build around it and make sure that you take some time off at least for the second half of the Fast and the refeed the first few days you can keep your workload light but keep doing what you want to do just make sure that you don’t sweat too much and obviously choosing a 7 Days means you spend a week fasting instead of a whole month something to take into consideration