On the hunt for dry fasting professionals

Join us at the Dry Fasting Club, a community dedicated to learning and sharing everything about dry fasting. We’re searching for people who have a lot of experience with dry fasting and are willing to help others by sharing their knowledge and services. Our platform is not just a place to talk; it’s where different views and experiences come together. Whether you’re into natural health, nutrition, spiritual growth, or scientific research, you have a place here.

If you have unique skills like hypnotherapy, meditation, or breathwork that you want to share with the dry fasting club, that’s exactly what we’re looking for! But a requirement is your contribution to the dry fasting forums, your dry fasting experience, and your willingness to share your journey, tips, and ideas about dry fasting. By taking part in our forums and starting conversations, you’re taking the first step toward making this community grow and establishing yourself as one of the thought leaders. Once established you will be asked to have your information shared to the main website in the form of articles and maybe even offer your services and free consultations to all of the dry fasting club. We’re excited to see the discussions, learn from various perspectives, and grow this platform with you and other dedicated fasters and health experts.


Excited to grow together! My name is Elena, originally from Russia, and learned fasting back in the 1990s, including dry fasting under Dr Filinov.
Longest personal fasting - water fast 33 days, dry fast 13 days in the past years.

Starting a long dry fast tomorrow, 3/22 - planning 10 days and then transitioning into water fast - or possible do a rotating protocol with dry fasting/refeeding/ additional dry fasting.

Excited to stay connected with a US community of dry fasting enthusiasts as for years the only discussions I could enjoy is the ones back in Russia. It felt a bit lonely out here. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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