Anyone using waist beads while fasting?

I've decided that with my most recent 72 hour fast that I would try using homemade waistbeads (or at least a fancy string) to track physical size loss. Sure I could use a measuring tape, but I just wanted something a little fancy and encouraging.

I started my fast with a jute string (non stretchy) and a few charms tied around my waist. I placed it above my belly button but below the ribcage. Three days later, the string is now below the belly button. The scale reflected it as well because was able to record a 10lb weight loss in three days.

I just thought it was a cool way to experience loss especially knowing how scales dont always show us what we want to see. As the fast progressed, the string was getting lower and lower, and that gave me the confidence to push through. With this fast being over, I'm going to tie a new string at the same place as the first string and repeat.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share this experience with fellow fasters.